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📍Ubud, Bali 🐒 ➖British Model @profilemodels @balimodelagency ➖Agent: Harter Allen 🇬🇧 ➖Social @sandrareynoldsagency ➖Working from the heart 💋
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42.3% of lucycates's followers are female and 57.7% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 0.70%. The average number of likes per post is 347 and the average number of comments is 19.

36.92% of the followers that engaged with lucycates regularly are from United States, followed by United Kingdom at 16.92% and Italy at 7.69%. In summary, the top 5 countries of lucycates's posts engager are coming from United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Canada, France.

Lucycates loves posting about Modeling, Fashion, Photography, Cooking, Animals & Pets, Architecture, Art, Cars & Motorcycles, Celebrities, Design, DIY & Crafts, Education, Film, Music & Books, Gardening, Hair & Beauty, Health & Fitness, Food & Drink, Humor, Kids & Parenting, Nature & Outdoors, Travel, Technology, Game.

Check lucycates's audience demography. This analytics report shows lucycates's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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42.3 %
57.7 %


  • Beauty & Fashion 66.78 %
  • Photography 58.94 %
  • Art & Design 49.40 %
  • Entertainment 46.04 %
  • Movies and TV 43.91 %
  • Music 42.30 %
  • Books and Literature 41.73 %
  • Children & Family 39.47 %
  • Luxury Goods 37.73 %
  • Business & Careers 37.53 %
  • Cars & Motorbikes 36.05 %
  • Sports 35.55 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 35.47 %
  • Travel & Tourism 35.24 %


  • United States 36.92 %
  • United Kingdom 16.92 %
  • Italy 7.69 %
  • Canada 4.62 %
  • France 4.62 %



129 3

When true blue sadness turns into lustful desire Melancholy in paradise As I sit in the dark, a ton of bricks it hits Wishful thinking and obsessional delusions When shadows have substance, and the substance is sheer. I’m afraid of my truth and the secrets I possess I retreat back to the dark, the twisted, the songs that make me feel sick as I feel a sickness in me, as I see the sickness in you. I don’t where to turn, where to ourpour this love, this deep ache and sadness. Which cup do I pour into, somehow my own does not satisfy. Never really having built it’s own structure, it’s made of glue and pieces of all of you. Yes all of you, every one of you that has walked over my path, identity path. The past come back to revisit, how come now? I would love to sedate this feeling, all usual vices are not there, too scary to consider, a deeper crack to fall into each time. More energy to push, shove & crawl my sorry self out once more, with feeling. Blindspots in each corner of the utopian dream, disillusioned and disenchanted, was my last hope and this seems like the final straw of perception. Tried this tried that, give me something else to sink my teeth into, and which stage will I get onto next. Let’s talk about beauty, and how that is fading. My one saving grace that lets me ride through life like a chariot in the wind, is a puff and now gasping for air. When all my attempts are futile, and it seems the bar is too high or when I go past the bar it is not good enough. The art is not supreme enough, will I ever be good enough? What does that look like? Feel like? Live like…. I suppose that is the pursuit of the artist, the true artist there is no goal just knocking on the door of feelings over and over again just a noble attempt to prove something, show someone something of your soul. God this soul aches. The river beneath the river is bursting its banks. I live between the crack between worlds. More is said in the emptiness of the note, the silence in the song. In this silence I can hear you even more loudly, the spaciousness is a soft gateway. Things are as they are So when you create media You manipulate reality And therefore a distortion is born. <continued.>

716 43

Swipe left for video 👉🏼...Poem I wrote in 2018 whilst I was in India ~ <Untitled> The light turns on On, really on The shadows from the darkest corners appear Angles jutting out From shapes I thought were straight Crude and twisted, choking the spine regurgitating Vicissitudes unwinding, spiralling Parallel tunnels of night visions Like a stain glassed window In the church of God Depicting a story Known only unto oneself & the great divine The light that comes in Shines forth The dark seems all the more darker In all the corners of the mind The sheet of a ghost Illusion of the clothing I wear called my skin Creepy and crawling the sensations I know these are tricks yet the mind still wants to play fearful games I surrender, surrender to thee Gloria in excelsis Deo Photo📸: @potatopitatophoto #virtualphotoshoot #revisitingoldpoetry #poetry #darkness #myoldfriend #rocknroll ❤️

482 25

It is unfortunate that in the 21st Century, sexual intimacy and sexual pleasure are still often viewed as taboo subjects. As such, any devices, tools, or activities designed to enhance that pleasure are, by default fetishized rather than normalized. VDOM LLC @the.vdom is a woman founded sex tech firm specialising in the creation of state of the art prosthetic devices to enhance intimate adult experiences. Our premiere device, the VDOM, is a patent-pending wearable device that can be completely controlled from our proprietary cyber secure app. Photo: @edo_dream Designer: @reign_of_sovereignty // @zoe_atiko #VDOM #Sexpositive #sexpositivity #sexualfludity #genderfluid #genderqueer #queer #penetration #bionic #bionicsextoys #bionicpenis #sextech #sextechnology #sextechnologies #sexualtechnology #sextechnologist #technologist #technological

473 10

'I deserve pleasure' The way the light falls Fractured my perception The day breaks, and casts a light on the shadows. Falling into freedom Grasping to the edges Terrified to plunge into the unknown. A tender kiss, awakens and the phoenix starts breathing. A harmonious surrender of kaleidoscopic ecstasy accessing dimensions Into a place of trust & perpetual flow. I was once told by the mystic my wings could spread. But first I need to drop the weight of what is not mine. In my dreams I have always been able to fly. A bird in a cage, black cloth smothers. A greeting for a dead bird at my door, and a sick bird at my feet. New beginnings and a new moon. Freedom is a cruel and unusual place to learn to fly. Hues, the grays, the fades oscillating wilding red auric flames smolder in a swirl engulfs you. Breathing with the world once more, a symbiotic feeling. Alive raw passion inside. Energy circulating across two units. Two systems of love. Second law of thermodynamics states all things in a closed system end in entropy. There is a fire in my eyes, and this perfect circle is electric. @fusionplaywithpurpose

533 46

ME GOING INTO 2020 ✨🌪💓 • Plunging deep in dark murky waters • into the unknown Fuck the fear and step there anyway, what have you got to lose? • When I arrived into the arms of mama Bali 3 months ago, I was met by @awakeningmagdalena for first Cacau ceremony all within 24 hours, and set an intention. • TO THE UNKNOWN.... • Little did I know that this intention would have such a strong force, and what I was getting myself into. • The work begun, and there no doubt there is more work to do 🙏🏽🔮😊 • So here’s to the unknown, that I don’t know anything, and I don’t know where I am going. But here I am....... Love you all 💋 Thank you to @bambuindah for having us yesterday at your beautiful resort, and thank you @awakeningmagdalena for being such a dear friend & trusted sister who I have been graced to have known for 6 years now. Big hug 💗 Photo 📸: @awakeningmagdalena #bagus 👍

353 7

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU ✨✨✨💗 Feeling gratitude for the blessings in my life for of which are abundant & plentiful. Grateful to @fusionplaywithpurpose for gifting this comfy 2 piece set which feels really good to wear. Thank you to mama Bali for holding me in your arms like a baby, and also shaking me so I stop acting out like one ⛈ Enormous amount of gratitude for the community & tribe here in Ubud that teaches me everyday about the miraculous scope & spectrums of this wondrous life, love, and friendship. Thank you to THE SHADOW my dearest friend that has been following me around for a long time. I love you so much thank you for protecting me & keeping me alive. Kiss kiss kiss 💋 I see you & allow me to move in alchemical harmony through you baby 🤟🏼 🌈 Thanks to R Gabz for photography @awakeningmagdalena A special thank you to assistant Miley🐱 Last, but not least from this brand • Every purchase supports a women’s shelter• It’s an honour to represent 🙌🏼 Blessings

403 23

INSIDE ME ALL ALONG 🧿Thank you @balimodelagency @bomvisuals 📸 I was waiting for so long For a miracle to come Everyone told me to be strong Hold on and don’t shed a tear Through darkness and good times I knew I’d make it through And the world thought I had it all But I waiting for you Hush now I see a light in the sky Oh it’s almost blinding me I can’t believe I’ve been touched by an angel With love Let the rain come down And wash away my tears Let it fill my soul And drown my fears Let it shatter the walls For a new sun A new day has come Where it was dark now there’s light Where there was pain, now there’s joy Where there was weakness, I found my strength All in the eyes 💖 if you got this far yes it’s Celine Dion lyrics, and they are bloody fantastic I know !

2,202 3

🌸📸@reign_of_sovereignty @darren_black


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