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☼ petite explorer ✕ soul warrior @karma.break ➵ yoga sharer in bangkok (RYT200) ↡ CHIANG MAI RETREAT (8-10 DEC)↡
Pathum Wan

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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 9.20%. The average number of likes per post is 141 and the average number of comments is 8.

Lenaboon loves posting about Health & Fitness, Travel.

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125 8

Week one done with #TeamSmurf 💙 So excited to be a part of this ~*wholesome*~ team 🤗 #staytuned #newproject #comingsoon

187 21

Don’t worry, be happy 😀😃😄😁 #highonlife kinda #mood 💛 ~ Today I experienced a huge energetic shift, where everything ordinary became extraordinary. And this photo pretty much captures how I feel inside. Not exactly sure what happened, but I’m loving it! 🙈 Sending all these good fuzzy vibes to all of you ✨

218 12

Flashback to last weekend’s 🌊 yoga on the river 🌊with @anantarariverside for #WorldWellnessWeekend ✨🌺 First time practicing yoga on a boat for all of us... it turns out basically every pose was a balancing pose 💪🏼 but it was a great way to start the morning, catching some breeze on the river! You can probably tell I definitely enjoyed it 🥳 Thank you @anantaraspawellness for having me 🙏🏼

102 0

more #picsbystrangers from my little sololiday 🙈 those layering mountains though 😻

106 2


166 4

Rooting to Rise 🌱 ~ Fully soaking in these last moments of calm & peace with some green therapy before the whirlwind of the last 3 months of 2019 begins (can you believe we only have 3 months left?!) ⚡️Utterly in awe with this little mountain town and in love with the abundance of beauty in this place - the expansive lusciously green fields encircled by layers of mountains and it’s charmingly genuine people 🌼 2 days in this place is not enough... I will surely be back again soon (hopefully)! 💚

171 7

Good morning from Pai ☺️✌🏼🌿 *swipe left* to see the sun rising over the clouds ⛅️

151 9

Happy #WorldGratitudeDay 🙏🏼🌸 Capping off my @karma.break #KBGratitudeChallenge with gratitude for everything that has lead to the here & now 💖 ~ 🌷 Exactly a year ago today, I left my corporate hospitality job for the first time. I wasn’t sure what was next, but I knew I needed space for inspiration... ended up finding myself at a YTT in Bali a week later. This seems to be a common theme for many people I’ve come to realize, but thank you to those that nudged me in that direction anyway! ✨ Since then, a lot has changed. A year ago, I couldn’t even fathom being able to do what I do now. If I look back at my vision board from 6 months ago, I am now living the life I had dreamed of then 🙈 (Or perhaps my vision wasn’t big enough? 🤔 Baby steps, they say...😅) We often get so caught up in comparison - ourselves with others, ourselves with our own expectations of where we think we should be - that we forget to appreciate how far we have come. And I am certainly guilty of this too ☝🏼 So, instead of worrying about the future or ruminating over the past, I’m taking a moment today to recognize everything + everyone that has helped me here today. I can say wholeheartedly that I’m in a very good place and feel so extremely blessed for the big, the small & everything in between 🥰

127 10

🌱🍔 tasted pretty beyond expectation 😋 #beyondmeat ~ While far from being vegan, I am trying to eat more consciously these days, leaning more towards plant based bites over meat heavy meals. Thanks to @vistrobkk (who have literally changed my perspective on vegan food) I have discovered a new appreciation for vegan dishes not just as animal-friendly alternatives of the meat version but rather culinary creations in their own right 💣🤙🏼🌿 Any recommendations for MUST-TRY V dishes around BKK?! 😀

163 8

Jungle stretches anyone? 🙋🏻‍♀️🌳 Jk, no jungle around here 🙈🏢 Nature is calling but until then join me for some last stretches in September! ✨🌿 🌱 SAT, 14 @ 8:30am📍Vistro 🌱 SAT, 14 @ 4:00pm📍Beatroot 🌱 TUE, 17 @ 6:15pm📍Beatroot 🌱 WED, 18 @ 7:15am📍Vistro 🌱 WED, 18 @ 8:30am📍Vistro 🌱 FRI, 20 @ 6:00pm📍The Hive ~ @vistrobkk @beatrootretreat @thehivebkk

111 7

When you frequently go on dates with yourself, you quickly get used to asking strangers to take photos for you 🐢💖 #datenight #iwantonetoo #noshame #misscandyheart


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