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• @liveoriginal • author / Live Original. Live Fearless • once @bellarobb first like on ig • @whoathatsgoodpodcast I love you just the way you are🎈
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63.2% of legitsadierob's followers are female and 36.8% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 420%. The average number of likes per post is 146254 and the average number of comments is 224.

Legitsadierob loves posting about Actors.

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63.2 %
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  • Beauty & Fashion 57.48 %
  • Children & Family 54.85 %
  • Travel & Tourism 44.89 %
  • Art & Design 44.53 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 43.51 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 42.24 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 39.82 %
  • Entertainment 36.44 %
  • Business & Careers 34.34 %
  • Photography 33.81 %
  • Home & Garden 33.22 %
  • Music 32.84 %


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@christian_huff wife me

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car ride full of laughter, random, stops, belting worship music, and working on my message for passion! Last night we went to the passion worship night and it made us EVEN MORE EXCITED & EXPECTANT for all that God is going to do at the conference this year! We have literally been praying all year for this conference - everyone coming and everyone speaking. DO NOT MISS IT - God is going to do big things in you and around you through this time together! We are only 2 months away so get your tickets! BEST WAY TO START THE NEW YEAR! Tag your friends you’re coming with!! @passion268

112,192 151

thanks @livefashionable for styling us in the cutest clothes for @rebekahlyons new book release😍

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83,808 89

NEW BLOG UP 🎈 frustrated about the delays and cancellations in your life?! maybe today that frustration can turn into gratitude from a perspective change! link in bio to read XO!

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I have packed and unpacked many bags this week, but every trip has been so unique and special revolving around sisterhood. I had my bachelorette trip with the girls who stand beside me in life and it was so FUN! Then I went to Dallas for our very first LO fam hang and wow... it was so cool. Sitting in a circle with a small group of girls and coffee, who had never met but flew from all over because they created sisterhood through our online community and now are getting to sit down and talk about real stuff. We got to laugh, worship, and support each other in life! Strangers who became sisters real fast! The next day I went to college station to speak on A&Ms campus for the Delta Gamma Event with over 2,000 sistas! SO FUN! I love those girls! It’s cool to see that no matter how different we all may look or want to appear, at the core we are all the same. We desire the same things - to be known, loved, heard, and together. We all have insecurities and all fear being alone. We all want a friend and we all want a sister who will get on our heart level. Some are willing to fly to find that, some are willing to rush to find that, some are willing to go online to search for that but truly we are all capable of giving that. We all have the ability to get on a heart level with the ones around us, to know them, love them, and make sure no one feels alone. If you want it - be it! Be a good sister and a friend! The world is craving it💛

125,292 406

listening to spontaneous worship this morning and over and over again @steffanydawn was declaring, “HE DOESN’T FALL OFF OF HIS THRONE” As i began to declare that by myself this morning, it gave me such great confidence and assurance that the God whom I find my identity in will never fall off of His throne. I think a lot of times we try to find our confidence and our identity in things that are on whatever throne we built for them that are destined to fall. We build thrones for pop-culture, social media, the idolization of others, or even the idolization of ourself. When the throne we built for these things fall - our confidence, identity and assurance falls with it. We live in an ever changing world. The news has a hundred different headlines a day, social media will have hundreds of new things trending, and people will be in a hundred different moods. The Bible however says that God is HOLY HOLY HOLY - who was and is and is to come. He will not fall off of His throne. If you are in search of confidence and identity don’t reach for our phone or a make shift throne - reach out to God and bow at the throne.

196,745 171

big mood

106,611 110

spirits lighter and bags heavier that’s the way to end a trip. lol 🤪 love y’all XO

256,143 2,487

to the ones... starting a new relationship - wondering if he’s the one, ending a relationship with the person you thought was the one, just not sure if your one will ever come, single, heart broken, or confused - I want to encourage you. I was there too. In fact, I was with a friend this weekend who saw me in those stages in my life. She made a toast for me and my man - the man I didn’t know existed during those moments listed above. The man who makes me beam with joy, set in peace, and blush with love. My friend’s toast reminded me of God’s faithfulness. Not only did this toast show me the faithfulness of God to bring my man - but what it also revealed to me is the things that God did in me before my man ever came—things i needed to understand about love from God before Christian. The truth is, I would have never let myself receive the love Christian freely gives had I not learned love from the one who is love Himself (God). Love to me used to coexist with fear, striving, uncertainty, hurt, offense taken, insecurity and not being my authentic self. Honestly, that wasn’t always the guy’s fault... as easy as it can be to blame, it’s important look in your heart - maybe there are things you need to grow in. That way you can face the things in you that aren’t found in true LOVE. I had a lack of understanding of what love was supposed to feel like - look like - sound like and be, because I was seeking it from men not from God. Before I was willing to learn love for myself, instead blame love for how it had been to me, I wasn’t stopping long enough to actually be IN LOVE. I’m glad I finally did years ago, bc little did I know my heart was being prepared for who was to come. The man who blows me away - who I actually let love me and i actually love with everything in me. This smile, this blush, this sweetness is actually real because it’s rooted in two people who found real love IN REAL LOVE (God) AND FROM HIM we love each other. It’s not perfect, but it’s formed from perfect love with a lot of humility and grace it’s beautiful. I know this is long, but I know where some of you are & I know this will give hope & that’s all ya need♥️


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