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Custom Textile Designer • Illustrator • MUA Creating designs and other weird things out of my studio in Los Angeles 🌞🔮 📩Email for inquiries
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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 5.80%. The average number of likes per post is 159 and the average number of comments is 18.

46.51% of the followers that engaged with juliahillart regularly are from United States, followed by Italy at 6.98% and Germany at 3.49%. In summary, the top 5 countries of juliahillart's posts engager are coming from United States, Italy, Germany, Mexico, France.

Juliahillart loves posting about Design, Art.

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  • United States 46.51 %
  • Italy 6.98 %
  • Germany 3.49 %
  • Mexico 3.49 %
  • France 2.33 %


125 8

Taken in Yosemite in July, where I got the chance to take in the beauty of this view. It’s breathtaking and overpoweringly beautiful. Just to stand here and look out, and to understand how small you are in this universe but how much of an impact we still have in the world around us. Over the last year I’ve realized how much it means to be that I/we need to make major adjustments and changes in our lifestyle to preserve places like this and other vital resources on our planet. As an artist and textile designer, I’m trying to find ways to better serve the environment, look for companies that are sustainable and environmentally friendly, and with my personal work to use less plastics and toxic materials. Lifestyle changes are never easy, but “Out of difficulties grow miracles” and being aware of the problem is the start of changing for the future 💚 #horizonfoundpresets

123 14

#regram 👙 @juliahillart for @stonefoxswim - Fun Fact: I remember creating this design for Stone Fox Swim in what feels like over a year ago and having the initial sketch taking roughly around an hour! (I even remember an “omg that was so fast” response haha) It’s so funny because some prints will take days to create—there’s constant altering, adjusting, reflecting, critiquing, rebuilding—and other prints like this one, that I really enjoy, will only take about an hour. Sometimes creativity hits you in different ways and waves (pun intended 😏), but I’m glad this one made the cut! 🌼🌼

196 31

Missing Yosemite pt.1 & 2🌲🌈 #horizonfoundpresets

233 84

This is 31! Another rotation around the sun☀️🌈 Each year is a new discovery, new experiences and new life lessons. I grew up going to Yosemite all the time and it was so fun to go again to bask in all its beauty and glory. It was so nice to be off the grid for a bit and to get a quick moment to reconnect with nature. So many new experiences this trip and I am so grateful to start 31 this way. Big thanks to @russfraser for making this trip so special. My heart is happy and I’m so ready to tackle this new year!

119 14

Been really into block printing lately so I made another small print inspired by fireworks ✨ swipe for part of the process 👩🏻‍🎨

95 16

Hand carved stamp on muslin fabric - inspired by vintage textiles❤️

143 13

Always drawing ✍🏽

167 30

Hand painted this jacket for the beautiful bride of long time friends of mine for their special day back in April💍 I’ve known this couple for quite a long time so it was a lot of fun to have my artwork be a part of their day💞 Thanks to @uriel_photography for these beautiful photos and big thanks to @candise.hoover @jon.hoover for letting me be a part of the magic! 👩🏻‍🎨

130 11

Makes me so happy to see the pattern designs I create getting to take on new places across the world 🥰🌎🌞 Spotted this beauty the other day on @freepeople by @alexcramer of @meganblakeirwin 💛

178 14

New print of mine spotted on @freepeople today 🌼🌊☀️ Shot by @alexcramer of @meganblakeirwin

259 26

Two lovely souls I had the pleasure of working with for the upcoming collection for Stone Fox Swim, featuring my pattern designs and makeup application. Shot in Mammoth in a pretty cold month at June Lake, @nicolelhill_ captured the most epic light that truly captured @tashimrod & @tashly_f natural beauty. As a makeup artist, it’s crucial for me to make sure someone’s natural beauty still shows through while applying makeup because we are all beautiful and unique in our own ways🦄🦋🌼🌞 Team: @nicolelhill_ @chels_fox @tashly_f @tashimrod @buddywporter @austinology @shermanleefoto @lisa_mariehoelstad @theduster22 @natttyg

167 10

Loving my floral inspiration today 💐


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