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God 1st Multimedia Producer🎹🎬 Serial Entrepreneur & Venture Capitalist @ImmortalMedia | @ImmortalInvestments Purdue…Pepperdine…Goldman Sachs…HBO Alum

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100.0% of goldmanstacks's followers are female and 0.0% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 2.30%. The average number of likes per post is 960 and the average number of comments is 13.

Goldmanstacks loves posting about Speaker, Entrepreneur, Business.

Check goldmanstacks's audience demography. This analytics report shows goldmanstacks's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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100.0 %
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  • Beauty & Fashion 90.22 %
  • Entertainment 70.38 %
  • How-to & Style 65.96 %
  • Business & Careers 65.94 %
  • Art & Design 63.62 %
  • Travel & Tourism 58.56 %
  • Photography 57.91 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 55.26 %
  • Music 49.67 %
  • Home & Garden 48.35 %
  • Books and Literature 48.35 %
  • Cars & Motorbikes 42.71 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 42.49 %


1,357 8

#Flashback to the skinny me. Let the suicide doors up… #SundayFunDay

1,190 0

#FBF Felt good to be back in my hometown & around some of my folks I grew up with to celebrate with on a nice lil high school reunion. Shoutout to everybody that came thru, those that put this together & the gifts. Still celebrating my birthday all #CancerSeason…♋️

755 47

#Birthday Vibe…(7/7) 🎰 (Yesterday) #MadeInThe90s #CancerSeason

428 0

Countdown to the birthday… ⏳7|7

623 5

In honor and memory of the brother @NipseyHussle It took me a few days to even gather my thoughts to have something to say about you bro. So I started working on designing this digital mural to express myself creatively, with hopes to really represent you, your character & everything you’ve built, established & owned in your short time you were here. From your autograph in the top left corner, to the companies you’ve owned (All Money In Records, The Marathon Clothing (home of the ‘Crenshaw’ brand) & Vector 90), to your Crenshaw & Slauson cross streets that will soon be renamed to Nipsey Hussle Blvd. I had beats lined up for you ready for our studio session coming up. But you never got to hear them. So I hope this honors you instead. Thankfully I’ve made it large enough to have prints made up for anyone that wants it too, no charge, just hit the link in my bio (

804 3

I remember the day, 3/14/09, when you submitted in your verse for Jay Rock’s All My Life Remix that we layer put on the mixtape we dropped. Fast forward to last year with one of your business partners that I’m friends with hosting a Crypto Mixer event on 1/13/18 here in Downtown LA that we both attended and ran into each other and got to talking about @Vezt, crypto, music, the businesses, Dolla and your plans along with mine. Fast forward to just the other day when I had just started getting back in the studio as an engineer thanks to some of the people we have in common in our circles. Ran into you again briefly that day. To then see you gone days later is just something I can’t believe and accept. Like WHY? You was supposed to be one of the ones that was gonna get old with us. You was one of the few artists I could actually listen to that still putting out quality music & giving game we can all learn from in your lyrics. You set the standard and platform for doing more for your community by being both an entrepreneur & philanthropist for the known and unknown. Opened up @TheMarathonStore & @Vector90. Invested in numerous tech startups. Was about to become a real estate mogul, starting with turning that plaza you bought on Slauson & Crenshaw into a six-story residential building. You believed in a lot of what I believed in, from moral values, philosophy to blockchain tech. All of that is what makes this just a huge loss on a personal level. When we kept getting them calls in the middle of Sunday’s studio session from Big U that you had been shot & killed it was just unreal. Out of all of these folks out here clowning and inviting that drama into their lives, you was always the one opposite of that. Nobody had no real excuse not to like you. You was just tapping into your potential and taking action, we didn’t even get to see all of what you had to bring to this world. But don’t worry, everybody felt this, whether they knew you or not, were in/from LA or not, we gon make sure that the Marathon Continues even after your Victory also here on Earth…

719 2

Nipsey Hussle (@nipseyhussle) Ermias Joseph Asghedom Son/Grandson Father Rapper Entrepreneur Philanthropist An LA Icon A real one The People’s Champ… Rest easy my brother. May God have mercy on your soul… May your seeds you’ve planted, to the children you’ve brought into this world, to your other half @LaurenLondon, your mom & brother Sam & the rest of your family who loved you all continue to grow and find comfort in our prayers & support…

1,010 12

For me, saying “Thank You For Your Service” wasn’t and still isn’t enough. I normally don’t speak on or post of what I do for the veteran community throughout the years because that’s not what I do it for. But if I don’t, then there’s a missed opportunity for veterans & active military who don’t know about these organizations I’ve either started, been a part of and/or sponsored via @ImmortalMedia within the past decade to miss out on the benefits that they offer. Since a teen when my grandfather passed in 2009, who was also a veteran, I’ve worked alongside James Flagg of the Warrior Summit Coalition (then labeled as the Support All Veterans Equally (SAVE) Foundation) as well as his other co-founders to launch a Non-Profit Organization dedicated to offering veterans and active military benefits through community programs, initiatives, events and careers. Over the years we’ve helped tens of thousands of veterans returning home from duty find jobs, provide them with the housing and stability they need and support their families since then through our annual #WarriorSummit that’s been supported by President Obama and members of Congress. In all of the relative organizations I’ve worked with since then, such as #TheVeteransTrust, #Vet2Tech, I’ve built their websites, designed their logos, structured the marketing and media for their events, sponsored these events alongside the likes of Walmart and Kraft and volunteered in any way feasible. Pictured above includes an event entitled “Veteran Hiring Expo” I was a part of via my company to provide vets with an opportunity to connect with employers willing to hire them, access to free non-profit & government programs & much more including #HoopsForTroops. These organizations are still all active and willing to support our #veterans and active duty #military. So I feel it’s my duty to do even more and bring them that exposure using my own personal social media. Hopefully some #vets out there will see this and utilize all of what we have to offer. #HappyVeteransDay

1,395 34

Living my blessed life…🌴

1,539 30

It’s a real one’s #birthday… 7|7 🎰 #July7 #Cancer 🌞:♋️ 🌜:♑️ #90skid

1,008 8

I saw the original concept so many times over the years, but that’s not fit for everybody…this is mine. I gave myself a head start in my teenage years by being a true hustler (@TheYoungHustla), not just a 9-5 grind. I’m building now. I’ll be managing what I built when I hit my 30’s in a few years. If you know you know, if you don’t…#LinkInBio #GamePlan #Goals #Motivation

734 19

(Via @immortalinvestments) What’s going on in #Crypto? Swipe Left! We explain every shift in the market. _______________________________________________ Is it too late to invest? Did the “bubble” burst? No! It’s the PERFECT time to invest. This is as much of a “bubble” as the .com internet “bubble” in ‘99-‘00. You see how that ended up, we can’t live without them! _______________________________________________ Well where can I get started? At our website. Sign up for a course today by going to our “Plans” page to pick the best investment plan for you. We’ll train you on the best and most efficient ways to invest and help you become a successful investor and trader with your portfolio today!


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