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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 2.70%. The average number of likes per post is 117 and the average number of comments is 8.

43.14% of the followers that engaged with foodtripdumaguete regularly are from Philippines, followed by Japan at 11.76% and United States at 7.84%. In summary, the top 5 countries of foodtripdumaguete's posts engager are coming from Philippines, Japan, United States, Germany, China.

Foodtripdumaguete loves posting about Nature & Outdoors, Travel, Photography, Architecture.

Check foodtripdumaguete's audience demography. This analytics report shows foodtripdumaguete's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • Philippines 43.14 %
  • Japan 11.76 %
  • United States 7.84 %
  • Germany 3.92 %
  • China 3.92 %


34 21

We’re giving away 5 @foodpanda_ph vouchers* worth 100PHP each to 20 lucky commenters! Just follow 2 simple steps: 1. Comment below the food or drink on @foodpanda_ph you would order if you were to win the giveaway. 2. Tag a friend to pass it on! Winners will be announced on Monday, April 20, 2020. *Please note that the vouchers will take 100PHP off for a minimum order of 200PHP **Vouchers are only valid for new accounts #foodtripduma #6200 #foodpandaPH #OrderFoodYouLove

418 1

We would like to give props to the brave men and women of foodpanda and their partnership with the following establishments, Panda Ice Cream, ROTI BOSS, ROTI BOSS CURRY HOUSE, Arteasan Handcrafted beverages, GraviTea, ChaNoom, Mama Ding’s Lutong Bahay, and Ang Lechon Manok ni Sr. Pedro for giving and supporting the crucial work of our frontliners from Silliman University Medical Center Foundation Inc. (SUMCFI), Holy Child Hospital, Negros Oriental Provincial Hospital (NOPH), City Health Office, and COVID19 Task Force (City Hall). In times like these, it is always heartening to see sectors of our local community come together in solidarity in shared concern for the people of Dumaguete City. Daghang salamat. Padayon!

70 4

Missed Sunday breakfast? Bridge the hunger gap with Adamo’s Chicken and Waffles. Cap off the meal with a slice of Walnut and Raisin Pudding. Happy Brunching! #foodtripduma #sixtwohundred #6200 #adamo #brunch

156 4

Easy on the eyes, no-nonsense food with a side of tricolore bitterness just made our Saturday night. #foodtripduma #sixtwohundred #6200 #negrensemicrobrewery

186 13

To the untrained eye, @nombyflyingfish's menu may seem like a hodge-podge of unrelated cuisines. A closer inspection, however, would reveal quite the satisfiable example of "unity in diversity'. The food may also seem a tad outlandish at first glance. All this in not without due cause, however; the minds behind it are as equally colourful and diverse. Flying Fish's proprietors are composed of seasoned backpackers from many ethnic backgrounds and one may say that their worldy experience lent much into constructing the menu in a process which has been described as a battle as ideas clashed and coalesced until, from the dust, arose this many-splendoured collection of culinary delights. Nom visualises a dining experience that opens up the palate to an entire world of flavours while being nutritious at the same time. In addition to this, Nom seeks to include vegetarians and vegans among its clientele with options that are many steps up from the regular salad. The options are few and focused but no less enticing. Its kitchen also strives to source their ingredients locally; another feather in their hat. Two separate menus exist for breakfast and dinner. Breakfast/brunch starts at 7am to 3pm and dinner starts from 5pm to 9:30pm. Whether you're looking for a grand salute to your morning or to end your day with a nutritious nightcap, Nom by Flying Fish will bring you to a whole new world. Food Trip Dumaguete would like to thank Mr. Jemmy Dayap and his staff for their care and for the wonderful service that they rendered to us. #foodtripduma #sixtwohundred #6200 #nombyflyingfish #nom

89 3

The busy hands at @itssenorjuan have been rustling up some new curiosities for the enjoyment of your palate. Certainly worth the short trip away from downtown to rouse the appetite. We suggest the Salted Egg Chicken Wings, Calamares Fritos, Fabada Asturiana, and Mejillones de Marinero which are new additions to the menu. Pair it with a refreshing glass of Guyabano or Cantaloupe shake. Cap it off with a slice of their Apple Crumble Pie ala mode and call it a meal. #foodtripduma #señorjuan #sixtwohundred #6200

239 18

Whether you’re looking to shake up your diet plan, looking to power through the daily hustle, or simply getting ahead of the munchies, Buglas Isla has your back. Nutritious Smoothie Bowls now available at @buglasislacowork. #foodtripduma #sixtwohundred #6200 #buglasislacowork

87 0

In a city that is slowly taking on the hustle and bustle characteristics of a metropolitan, calm and quiet are precious resources. For any student, these can be the tethers to the realm of sanity. Look out to the labours of the city from the rock of constancy upon which you sit; a cup of sweetness in your hands — Abby’s by Pinky. Get a 10% discount for 500php minimum spent from Mondays-Fridays when you present your Lee Plaza Loyalty card. Add a bit of quintessentially Dumaguete in every meal. Be local, #SeekLocal. #foodtripduma #sixtwohundred #6200 #abbys #abbysbypinky #DumaTouristCard

64 2

Adamo is publishing new additions to its menu. The fish crostini was a well-unified compound of flavours and texture; the fish yielded to the bite without being recalcitrant and the eggplant was both smooth and smoky. A glass of white did not go amiss. The boneless crispy pata was a delightful mix between the robustness of the meat and the sweetness of the date sauce. The native soy vinegar imparted a delicate fragrance and just the right amount of acidity to regiment the sweetness. Don’t ignore the pickled onions; they’re good enough to eat! Round it off with the Undurraga and that is your main course. If there’s a little more give in your belly, consider the walnut raisin pudding and, upon first bite, lament all the meals you’ve ever had that were not capped off with this little nugget. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is dinner. #foodtripduma #sixtwohundred #6200 #adamo

85 2

In a rather remote part of Dumaguete, beyond the episodic traffic and hullabaloo of downtown, exists an oasis of quiet; perfect for those who prefer to partake of their lunch in peace. A fairly new addition to Dumaguete’s culinary melting pot, Salt and Pepper is a place that one visits with real purpose; this establishment falls outside of the general area of convenience for the city’s hungry masses. Nevertheless, the exercise of a little effort will bring about great gustatory rewards and, likely, a tightening around the waistline. The food aims to strike a balance between traditional Filipino and Western cuisine which goes together just like...salt and pepper. Whether you’re yearning for something hearty or something light, or perhaps just a quiet cuppa, the vigilant staff at Salt and Pepper will be welcome to have you. Get a 10% discount for 500php minimum spent from Mondays-Thursdays when you present your Lee Plaza Loyalty card. Add a bit of quintessentially Dumaguete in every meal. Be local, #SeekLocal. #foodtripduma #sixtwohundred #6200 #saltandpepperph #DumaTouristCard

108 17

The name Fish 153 does not give away much but the establishment has been in existence in Dumaguete long enough to be considered an institution among its patrons. Riding atop the Korean Wave that awashed the nation in the 2000’s, Fish 153 has since been serving a taste of Korea out of their cozy shop along Katada Street to K-Wave enthusiasts. The uninitiated need not be wary of the welcome, however, as Fish warmly receives all visitors and anyone anxious to satisfy their curiosity. Dining at Fish simulates the warmth and comfort of eating at home while adding a dash of the exotic with the heat and colour of their delectable Korean menu. In addition, Fish 153 offers a selection of those hard-to-find ingredients for those interested at trying their hand at making their own galbijim and kimchi jigae. Fish 153 gladly awaits your custom! Get a 10% discount for 1500php minimum spent when you present your Lee Plaza Loyalty card. Add a bit of quintessentially Dumaguete in every meal. Be local, #SeekLocal. #foodtripduma #sixtwohundred #6200 #fish153 #DumaTouristCard

84 11

The entry of Roti Boss into the local food scene has been a long time coming. Ever so slowly does the landscape of the Dumagueteño palate change and the proprietors of Roti Boss deserve praise for taking on the monumental challenge of adding a new dimension to your daily food trip. It is rare that Filipinos would foray beyond well-established spices in their food such as garlic, ginger, and onion. The menu in Roti Boss brings you to a whole new world of aroma, flavour, and heat. The food is robust, complex, and sits majestic upon the tongue. First-timers need not find the food particularly daunting, The proprietress is quick to allay any anxieties you may have once you step through their doors. She is very keen on the food and would love nothing more than for her customers to share her enthusiasm. If all else fails, the roti with curry hardly disappoints. One must also commend the fortitude employed by this establishment in their refusal to yield to the tendency of modifying their product according to the Filipino palate. Perhaps it is this dogged pursuit for authenticity that will be the driver for perpetuating Roti Boss’ business in the years to come. The establishment of Roti Boss’ second branch is testament to the diligence they have employed ever since they started out as a small stall in Duma Comida. Come light a fire in your belly; only at Roti Boss. #rotiboss #foodtripduma #sixtwohundred #6200


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