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Kiwi in Sth Korea. Ig for my beauty blog where I talk about all my beauty obsessions. Pics are mine excpt reposts. Email:

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☆FYI☆ East meets West in the new Pony x MAC collab. Anyone going to try this collection? Will be interested to hear the thoughts and reviews. Reposted from @maccosmetics (@get_regrann) - Korean beauty visionary, artist and O.G. influencer @ponysmakeup manifests celestial beauty in an all-new collaboration with M·A·C. Introducing #MACPonyPark – available today exclusively @nordstrom and on September 23 online and in stores in the US and Canada Launching in select markets on October 1. - #pony #ponymakeup #ponyxmac #regrann

304 20

☆FYI☆ Etude House is teaming up with resident Makeup Artist Pony again. This time to bring to selected countries the Fall in Love, Fall in Daisy Daisy Duck Collection. So far there is no mention of Korea getting this collection which is weird but these days not uncommon. There are a lot of these big Korean brands that are bringing new products to market in exclusive countries. In this case where it's a collab it could be a licensing issue. We will have to wait and see. . 📷Pictures are from the Hong Kong Official website. From Facebook Global: [ETUDEHOUSE X PONY] . Daisy Duck Makeup 💜💜 . Fall in Love ♡ Fall in Daisy Etude House brought 👉NEW COLLECTION👈 collaborated with DISNEY Daisy Duck! 💘 . 💞 Pony suggests Daisy Duck makeup that fully embodies the charm of lovely and confident Daisy Duck by using soft purple and pink colors!😍😍. . Daisy Duck Collection is global exclusive product, so you can get the products only in limited countries in the world. Please check the products on brand site of each country below! September launching: China, Hong Kong October launching: Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia. #EtudeHouse, #ETUDE_HOUSE_Global, #LifeisSweet, #DaisyDuck, #Disney, #PONY, #Daisy_Duck_Makeup #etudehousexdaisyduck #etudehousexdisney #collab #limitededttion

173 3

☆FYI☆ It's that time of year again. When the seasons are changing you can be sure to find new beauty items here in Korea. Etude House has some fall makeup items on offer. Including some palettes not pictured here. Reposted from @etudehouseofficial (@get_regrann) - . [ETUDE HOUSE] #LookatMyEyes #MapleRoad The maple MLBB 9-colors eye shadow looks more romantic as the sunset glows redder. . #LashPermVolumeFixMascara The volume & curling mascara keeps the eyelashes curled for long hours and makes them voluminous. . 🛍ETUDE HOUSE GLOBAL MALL 👉 . 노을빛과 함께 붉게 물들어🌅 더욱 로맨틱한 단풍 컬러 아이섀도우🍁 #룩앳마이아이즈 #메이플로드 . 흔들림 없는 컬링 지속력은 물론😘 볼륨감 있는 속눈썹으로 연출해주는 볼륨 &컬링 마스카라🙌 #래쉬펌볼륨픽스마스카라 #브릭브라운 #메이플브라운 . 에뛰드하우스 홈페이지에서 가을 메이크업을 준비해보세요❣️ - #regrann

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☆FYI☆ There hasn't been much this summer in the way of cute novelty items but Tony Moly have a few Sweet Edition ones out that I thought I would share. There are just four products in this 2019 Summer Edition Tropical Cereal Line. Tropical Cereal Blusher - 7,200 won Tropical Cereal Glitter Flakes (4 Shades) - 7,500 won. Tropical Cereal Choc O's Ball - 15,000 won Tropical Cereal Milk Lasting Fixer - 13,800 won. All pictures are from the official Tony Moly website. #kbeauty #koreanbeauty #koreancosmetics #cosmetics #makeup #koreanmakeup #tonymoly #토니모리 #tropical #트로피칼시리얼 #summer #2019 #newinkbeauty #2019summeredition #cereal #sweetedition #beautyblogger #kbblogger #koreanbeautyblogger

166 10

☆FYI☆ More from The Face Shop and their ongoing collaboration with Kakao Friends. Looks like a cute sports themed summer collection. Reposted from @thefaceshop.official - - [카카오프렌즈랑 놀자_4탄] 💘심쿵사 주의💘 가만히 앉아 있어도 졸귀잖아ㅠㅠ - #소장가치_200프로 #더페이스샵X카카오프렌즈 #6월6일출시 #thefaceshop #kakaofriends #thefaceshopxkakaofriends - #regrann

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☆FYI☆ New Mystery Peach Collection from It's Skin. Looks like they have some cute blushers, highlighters and tints in this collection so far. Reposted from @itsskin_official_kr - [🍑 MYSTERY PEACH D-1 🍑] - 따사로운 햇살 아래 신비롭게 빛나는 #영롱숭아🍑 말캉통통 젤리 블러셔와 하이라이터의 영롱 조합✨ - ▫️미스터리 피치 컬러블 바운시 블러셔 ▫️미스터리 피치 컬러블 바운시 하이라이터 - 잇츠스킨의 미스터리 피치 컬렉션 출시를 축하해주세요! 미스터리 피치 블러셔 + 하이라이터 세트를 1분께 선물로 드려요💖 - #regrann

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☆Expo☆ The Cosmobeauty Expo starts tomorrow at COEX. So sad that I won't be able to attend this year but I've still got loads to do before I fly out to New Zealand on Friday for vacation. Hope to see lots of pics and stories from everyone else tho. Reposted from @cosmobeauty_seoul - . 제33회 서울국제화장품·미용산업박람회🎊 2019. 5. 9 (목) ~ 11 (토) / 코엑스 A홀 전관 . 더 많은 정보는 에서 확인하세요 . The 33rd COSMOBEAUTY SEOUL 2019 2019. 5. 9 (Thu.) ~ 11 (Sat.) / COEX Hall A, Seoul . Find more information at . 2019년 5월, 코엑스에서 만나요!! . #서울국제화장품미용산업박람회 #코스모뷰티 #cosmobeauty #코엑스 #뷰티박람회 #뷰티 #뷰덕 #코덕 #코스메틱 #화장품 #뷰스타그램 #k뷰티 #뷰티템 #뷰티_좋아요 #화장품그램 #화장스타그램 #화장품덕후 #코엑스에서만나요 #뷰덕환영 #코덕환영 - #regrann

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☆Out and About☆ I wanted to talk about the new Tan May Express Salon that I visited just before I left Seoul to work in Busan for 4 weeks. Tan May is a small boutique brand that I love. The creator and owner Jade is a wonderfully inspiring woman. The skincare line has been around for a few years and Jade now has her very first spa location in Seoul. It's located in the Gyeongbokgung area. This is a spa with a difference as it's designed to be super quick and DIY. If you've been to a spa for a facial before you know that while being glorious they can be time consuming. If you wanted to go in your lunch break it might not be possible. The Tan May Express Salon however is quick and affordable. Don't take that as being less effective though; the spa utilizes the Tan May skincare products and a silk peel machine to get your skin looking and feeling it's best. It takes around 30 minutes for a full treatment at the salon but you can customize that to your own needs. You can also do all of this yourself after a consultation with Jade. She will help you find the right treatment for your skin type and then guide you on how to use the machine. It's very simple; the action takes a bit of practice but once you get the hang of it it's fun to do. The machine also has an English menu option too. A session starts off with the silk peel machine. This uses a Tan May exclusive AHA for cleansing dust, sebum and dead skin. Then step two is a BHA which is helps to melt the sebum in the pores to clean them out. Next you are supplied with a hot towel. You can use any of the Tan May skincare products to finish off including a sheetmask if you have time. Also optional is the ion galvanic massage; included in their smaller machine (which is also sold for home use). The salon sells the skincare line here along with a small curated selection of other products. They have a new Greek line of soaps and bar shampoos. These are imported exclusively for the salon. The service price is 24,000 won per person or 300,000 won for 13 sessions. Check out @tanmaykorea for more info. #kbeauty #koreanbeauty #koreanskincare #skincare #스킨케어 #beauty #spa #salon #tanmay #탄메이 #탄메이살롱 #tanmayexpresssalon

182 9

☆FYI☆ I think I may have found the most extra Cushion yet. Ohui continues on it's flower Cushion theme with this Ultimate Cover Cushion in collaboration with Jane Packer fragrance. Another one to add to the list. I still don't have their last one which is also on my list. #kbeauty #newinkbeauty #cushion #makeup #cushionfoundation Reposted from @ohui.official - . 향기로 아름답게 피어나는 오휘의 5월, 얼티밋 커버 쿠션 제인패커 에디션🌸 촘촘한 커버력과 보습력의 얼티밋 커버 쿠션 모이스처와 리얼 플라워리 니치향수 제인패커의 향기로운 만남 싱그러움 가득한 오휘의 스페셜 에디션을 지금 만나보세요. #OHUI #오휘 #김태리 #얼티밋커버쿠션 #얼티밋커버쿠션모이스처 #얼티밋커버쿠션제인패커에디션 #리미티드에디션 #한정판쿠션 #오휘쿠션 #3D쿠션 #3D플라워쿠션 #欧蕙 #欧蕙精致妆容保湿气垫粉底液 - #regrann

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☆Shopping☆ Look what I found at The Face Shop today. My Plant Hand Cream. It's not often I find something in store that I haven't already seen online but I've been out of the loop in Busan for 4 weeks with limited internet access. There are three cute succulents to choose from. If you scroll through you can see the picture I took of all three in the store. I just got one as I'm supposed to be saving but I was tempted to get them all. They are 6,500 each and contain 30ml of product. I chose number 1 Good Luck because of it's cute little hat. I also liked the scent. This one and the number two have an aloe/cucumber scent. The number two was a bit stronger I think and then number 3 was more of a sweet scent and a bit more subtle. I feel like a lot of people like succulents so these could be really popular. They would make such a cute little gift too. #kbeauty #koreanbeauty #skincare #koreanskincare #handcream #핸드크림 #thefaceshop #myplanthandcream #다육이 #다육이핸드크림 #cactus #succulents #cutehandcream #goodluck #noveltyhandcream #beautyblogger #kbblogger #cuteprettybeauty #bblogger

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☆FYI☆ More pretties from Sulwhasoo. The Pheonix Limited Edition collection. It's just a neverending campaign to take my money 🤣🤣 and unfortunately for me and my wallet it always works. Reposted from @sulwhasoo.official - #설화풍경 ⠀⠀⠀ 설렘을 더해줄 리미티드 컬렉션의 매력! NEW 봉황 컬렉션에서 확인해보세요. ⠀ ⠀ 김경희 작가의 모던 민화로 단장한 리미티드 봉황 컬렉션은 ⠀ ⠀ 퍼펙팅 쿠션, 자정 브라이트닝 쿠션, 예서 트윈케이크, 럭셔리 립 팔레트로 만나볼 수 있습니다. Phoenix is considered as the symbol of peace and harmony in the family from old times. Sulwhasoo is in collaboration with the artist, Kim Kyung-hee, introducing Phoenix Limited Collection which is decorated with phoenix from folk paintings. It is time to deliver the message regarding the value of family to your loved ones. Meet our Phoenix Limited Collection which includes Perfecting Cushion EX, Snowise Brightening Cushion, Lumitouch Twincake, and NEW Luxury Lip Palette. ⠀⠀⠀ #메이크업봉황컬렉션 #리미티드컬렉션 #Phoenix #MakeUp #kbeauty #설화수 #Sulwhasoo #雪花秀 - #regrann


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