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60.2% of chynsortaleza's followers are female and 39.8% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 220%. The average number of likes per post is 13293 and the average number of comments is 93.

Chynsortaleza loves posting about Singer, Modeling, Fashion.

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60.2 %
39.8 %


  • Beauty & Fashion 76.56 %
  • Children & Family 63.58 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 57.33 %
  • Art & Design 51.17 %
  • Travel & Tourism 45.46 %
  • Photography 39.58 %
  • Entertainment 36.49 %
  • Music 34.67 %
  • Business & Careers 34.20 %
  • Sports 33.29 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 32.60 %
  • Movies and TV 31.08 %


3,354 14

My God we have come a long way. Taken on the night when I realized I loved this man :) @kean #SoMuch

1,994 13

It gets better.

10,550 144

Just to show you the opposite side of the spectrum. That’s Ate Pea feeding Salem EBM from Ninang @lj_reyes :) while I patiently try to hand express whatever my breast can give. Swipe to see. It’s a few drops but these are precious to me. I used to get really sad about this when Pea was born back in 2016. I’m taking it in stride at present with Salem. I wish I could produce milk that can fill bags to the brim & donate milk to those who need liquid gold. However, I’m not cut out for that. It all boils down to anatomy at the end of the day. I am most thankful to the Moms who help instead of judge. You guys know who you are. ❤️ Personally for me, FED IS BEST. To women who have messaged me saying they too feel discouraged about having little to no supply- Please don’t be too hard on yourself. You are enough and your child will give you all the cues you need. Take those cues! :) Sending you all the love & hugs that you need. You got this Momma!

39,255 414

I can stare at you for hours! 🥰 @salemcipriano

4,400 17

Boss Salem’s first day at the @ocrecordsph office. A quick check on the team’s ongoing plans & reports. I say he had it all covered. 👌🏻 O and if you guys are still thinking of buying this POD by @bizzigrowinph nako.. no need to think. GET IT! It’s awesome. O my gosh. It’s a diaper bag and an awesome bed slash changing station all in one. I LOVE IT! It’s a relief that I don’t need to carry around a huge travel crib anymore. You can get the bag! @theparentingemporium ❤️

17,638 67

May kwento ako :) Ang asawa ko maraming kayang gawin. Minsan naiisip ko paano niya kaya napapagsabay sabay lahat ng bagay na ni minsan hindi ako naka ramdam na wala siyang oras para sakin o sa anak namin. Iba e! Pero nung September 25 mas lalo akong nabilib kasi may bago nanaman siyang kayang gawin. Our friend, Maricel hit the nail on the head. Kaya din pala ng asawa ko mag doula! He knew how to read my body cues. He told it was time to go to the DR. I kept on saying na we would be asked to go home pa since my contractions were regular but their duration was short. Lo and behold, when I finally agreed to go & have an Internal Exam I was 7cm. dilated & delivered Salem soon after. All with Kean’s support & encouragement. Thank you mahal ko! You are the best. Hahahaha! Tama ka. Konting oras na lang muntikan ka na maging legit na midwife o. Sayang! 🤣 Nakikinig naman ako sayo kahit hindi halata. I’d also like to thank our great team of doctors & nurses headed by Dra. Sally Macapagal! You are all rockstars! Salamat sa alaga. #TheCips @bearthsidephotofilm_birthstory

38,693 196

Thank you Lord for entrusting Your beautiful children to us. Guide @kean and I always. Boys & Girls. Our beautiful kids! @stellarcipriano @salemcipriano #TheCipsXBearthside @bearthsidephotofilm_birthstory

1,845 10

A little bit of a post partum boost from a newly discovered eau de parfum brand. I need freshness!!! 🛁 Smells exactly like fresh crisp linen. @perfumeshop.kc thanks for the recommendation!

12,171 42

While waiting for the morning sun to come. Been up all night with Salem. Been thinking a lot.. and overcome with gratitude. ❤️ Thank you Lord for family, friends & everyday miracles.

56,872 622

Welcome my dearest boy! @salemcipriano ❤️ 9.25.19

3,028 7

While waiting for the new Cip :) Enjoying our last few days as a trio. 🥰

964 5

Just a few drops of happiness from @theradrops :) Their essential oils are easy on the budget & quite potent! So far I’m liking the Lavender & Peppermint. Trying out Mexican Lime today.


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