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Founder @merocph MSc. IT, strategist and photographer Peace and light .

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63.8% of alonavibe's followers are female and 36.2% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 3.40%. The average number of likes per post is 564 and the average number of comments is 30.

11.86% of the followers that engaged with alonavibe regularly are from Denmark, followed by Brazil at 11.86% and United States at 7.63%. In summary, the top 5 countries of alonavibe's posts engager are coming from Denmark, Brazil, United States, Germany, France.

Alonavibe loves posting about Fashion, Modeling, Nature & Outdoors, Photography, Architecture.

Check alonavibe's audience demography. This analytics report shows alonavibe's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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63.8 %
36.2 %


  • How-to & Style 72.70 %
  • Art & Design 70.66 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 70.22 %
  • Photography 53.33 %
  • Travel & Tourism 51.46 %
  • Home & Garden 44.58 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 44.55 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 41.50 %
  • Business & Careers 38.93 %
  • Sports 37.88 %
  • Books and Literature 36.10 %
  • Entertainment 35.92 %


  • Denmark 11.86 %
  • Brazil 11.86 %
  • United States 7.63 %
  • Germany 6.78 %
  • France 5.08 %


1,585 122

Realized I only have one other picture of the bump in my feed — and with only 6+/- weeks left I’m soon running out of time to post any and honor this part of the journey towards parenthood. Generally I’m starting to feel like I’m running out of time in this pregnancy which feels equally sad and exciting... It is truly such a blessing to be experiencing this and thankfully I’m still feeling good and able to enjoy it. Also, I know that a picture like this (and all the pregnancy talk) can be a trigger to you who are fighting for a pregnancy. Know that I have this in mind, hold space in my heart for you, and pray that you’ll soon enough be able to experience your miracle 🤍 I often get caught up in thoughts like these which keeps me from posting anything at all. I’m a sensitive soul who absolutely hate to unintentionally make others feel uncomfortable, which is sometimes unavoidable on a medium like this, and thus it’s important for me voice these perspectives. There is always a long thought-process prior to hitting that ‘post’ button, but I realized that not posting any of these photos would also make me sad — sad that I didn’t make space for sharing my own happiness. So, I hope you’ll either stay here to find hope, or take the necessary precautions to protect your longing heart🤍 photo by my love and baby daddy @kennethnguyen #week34 #mypregnancy #babybump

185 5

New work at @merocph — Copywriting for @lercolanidesign’s 2020 catalogue, showcasing timeless designs for contemporary Living, Dining and Working quarters – and all the spaces that fall in between. Featuring interviews with partnering designers Jonas Wagell (@jonaswagell), Norm Architects (@normarchitects) and Lars Beller Fjetland. Art direction and photography by @christianmandersen, styling by, copywriting by @monicasteffensen @merocph #lercolani #ercol #normarchitects #jonaswagell #larsbeller #softminimalism.

466 25

Oh wow. What a douchy month March 2020 has been? I must say, it completely paralyzed me and I haven’t been able to come here and post anything. There has been so many weird situations to cope with this past month. My brother switching from one cancer treatment to another, and then obviously the consequences of the global covid19 outbreak; concerns about our global society, health of loved ones, living conditions, business, all while transitioning from 2. to 3. Trimester in this wonderful pregnancy. My body aches from not being able to move properly going on week four in isolation in the apartment, and my heart aches from not being able to see my family at this really important time in our life. Not being able to celebrate my brother’s birthday tomorrow, while my darkest fears tell me there might not being many of them left. It’s some really heavy shit. But I know it won’t last forever and I believe there is a chance that all of this will bring a lot of beautiful changes to our world. I truly hope that all of you are doing predominantly good despite any discomfort the pandemic might have caused you ❤️ When feeling a little stir-crazy, I try to remember that we’re all in this together and there is so much calm and comfort to be found in the beautiful sense of unity and care that is showing amongst humans these days. #pandemic #antelope

1,141 63

In honor of #IWD, and the fact that I am growing a little lady in my womb (🤍), I’m sharing this glimpse of my changing body to celebrate my personal journey into motherhood. Hopefully by now we can all agree that being yourself unapologetically - irl as well as online - doesn’t denounce your voice, intelligence or professionalism. No matter how you define yourself; female, man, non binary etc. The future is human, and I’m so proud of all of you who (in one way or the other) contribute to a future which holds a dominant view and social system that allow us humans to be and become exactly what we dream of. #babybumb #week24 #genderreveal

405 10

Original wall details captured in the master bedroom of luxury retreat Maana Kyoto — a hundred year old Japanese wooden townhouse or “machiya” restored and redesigned by @maanahomes and architect Shigenori Uoya #wabisabi #kyoto #japan

245 2

Been dreaming of water in different shapes and forms three nights in a row 🐚 Shot from former collab w @akvajewellerycph

188 0

Copenhagen 🖤

783 35

It’s remarkable how this experience of growing life and newfound connection to the womb have made me feel so much more at ease with my self. The body obviously feels new in all kind of ways, but on an emotional and spiritual level I couldn’t have imagined for it to feel this way; so healing and centering. Deeply thankful and excited to be experiencing this.

166 0

Work for @design_hotels of @bliquebynobis in Stockholm. Last year we @merocph traveled to Stockholm and Eindhoven to capture the interior of two beautiful hotels for @design_hotels ’ book, New Perspectives, edition 2020. Photography and retouch by @merocph . #designhotels #merostudio

2,202 319

Absolutely unreal that we are soon to receive the biggest title of them all... mom & dad. Feeling overwhelmingly lucky and thankful that I get to create life with you my love ❤️ #2020baby #pregnancy #pregnancyreveal

238 8

Absolutely mesmerized by interior architect and designer @olgakrukovskaya lines and drawings. It’s truly rare to come across something with such a level of details nowadays. Recent work for @villacph documenting the design process and early sketches of the future master suite designed by @shamballajewels See more from the case at @merocph

396 28

Hi everyone ❤️ Hope you’ve had a strong start to the year. I took my time to slowly come back here after a really calm, intimate, family-focused holiday and ending of the year. The need for this slow comeback might be a little age-related (29, yikes, and thanks for ALL your b-day wishes!), but most likely it’s due to the inevitable need for mental and emotional digestion of 2019s heavier themes. It’s been intense and unifying. We’ve lit many candles and visualized prosperity and good health - especially for my beloved big brother. Cancer will still be a central theme in 2020 with many more months of chemo, but he is fighting and thankfully improving. Sometimes all these feelings feel too deep to bring forward at this fast medium, but on the other hand, being open and honest about it is the only thing that works for me, and I know many of you have been respectfully asking for an update without getting an answer. Thank you for your concern❤️ I’m also hopeful and excited for this year, both in terms of work and personal life. I’ve never felt so motivated by a work setup, and never felt as full at heart as a result of my private circumstances. Building a business is complex, and it’s stimulating to feel the daily evolvement and expansion of one’s self in the midst of it. Likewise, building a home is the most comforting and cozy thing there is. I absolutely love seeing mine and @kennethnguyen shared home becoming ours - one ‘renovation’ project at the time - and I believe this year will mean many more home-projects and couch potato-ing with him. So in conclusion, I’m both frightened and excited for 2020, and I guess that is the dual nature of life ✨


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