Derma Cosmetic - CERAMINE [from. KOREA]

Derma Cosmetic - CERAMINE [from. KOREA]

@Jkdxtcorp 20 Dec, 2018
Ceramine Concentrating balm(30g)
- Regulate and suppress excessive sebum production while soothe inflammation. The balm gently smoothens any visible pores and helps maintain moisture within the skin.

Skin cell Renewal, Immunodulatory, Antioxidant,
Anti-inflammatory, Calming

Patent Technology
MC(Mineral Conversion) Technology
It is a patent technology that uses natural ingredients grown in Korea to apply their effects and functions to skin cells.
The high concentration plant energy of Ceramide, Eriobotrya Japonica Lindley leaves, Yokuinin, chestnut shell, birch sap and other
botanically-derived ingredients will restore your skin’s youth and vitality through patented technology.

CESRE® (Ceramine Skin Creator, Patent)
This unique patented technology, provides the best effect on skin regeneration through natural mineral extraction.

Collagen formation


Cell growth promotion

Skin regeneration

Anti-inflammatory effect

Skin soothing

Percutaneous moisture enhancement

Skin barrier enhancement
and skin texture improvement

Minerals used in the patented Ceramine, contains complex mineral ingredients including Ca, Cu, Mg, Mn, Na, K and P. This is a patented method that successfully extracted “pure”, “safe” and “stable” active ingredients naturally, by using complex minerals as catalysts. This unique patented technology by Ahnjin has shown efficacy & stability in Ceramine.
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