Safe >50% on your travel budget

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Safe >50% on your travel budget

Deadline:31 Dec, 2021
Travel 30 Jun, 2021

I have been traveling the world as an IATAN Club travel agent for over 15 years and get up to 80% discount in the best hotels.
Of course as a IATAN Club travel agent I get special prices all over the travel industry that a travel agency can't even buy it for.
It is about Cruising, Car rental, Bungalows, Hotels, Airplane tickets, Restaurants, Theme parks, Trains etc etc etc etc.

We at IATN (International Association of Travelers Network) train people to become IATAN Club travel agents. For this one needs 10 training modules (Airplanes, Car rental, Cruises, Trains, Theme parks, Reviews, Travel industry general, Selling trips,
Book plane tickets, Marketing) for 2995,= Euro then you are an IATAN Club travel agent for 5 years
We teach you all the secrets in the travel industry.

IATN works together with one of the largest tour operators in Germany, which means that our OTAs can also sell trips (also from, Peter Langhout trips etc. etc.) and earn money from it. If desired, our OTAs can even open a shop and start their own travel agency.

Our members decide for themselves what they want to do with us:
• Travel (save at least 50% on their travel budget)
• Create reviews ( for OTAs only)
• Sell trips
• Affiliate system (earn one time money on a sale of our secrets in the travel industry program)

IATN Club is a company with a great formula that needs to be brought to the attention of the people.
That is why we are looking for a partner who can promote our product.
Of course, if you work with us, you will receive the training with an IATAN Club travel agent card for free. (So ​​you know what you're talking about).

We offer you a commission of 1000,= Euro for every sold training package (10 parts for 2995,= Euro).
We will create a discount code with your name of 1000,= for your followers.
That means that your followers receive a 1000,= Euro discount from you and therefore only have to pay 1995,=.
Of course, you can see online in our back office how many sales there have been with your discount code.

I hope it is a bit clear and that you also want to promote our concept.
As you can see we all share fairly in equal portions, you 1000,= Euro, your followers 1000,= Euro and 995,= Euro for us.
If there are any questions, I'd love to hear from you, and of course you can view our webinar and training first.
- Family, business or lifestyle influencers to increase awareness of their followers on (Social Media Channels like Facebook, Instagram, Line, YouTube, TikTok)
- Includes posts, stories, live-streaming
- For any questions about the campaign, feel free to leave your comments.
- We work worldwide, and our program works all around the world.
- You have to understand English or France or Dutch.

*More detailed instructions to be shared upon confirmation.