TROVE Swift: Black Carbon Fibre

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United Kingdom

TROVE Swift: Black Carbon Fibre

Deadline:06 Dec, 2019
06 Nov, 2019
Product Description:

The latest addition to our range of materials, and a brilliant option for high-tech gadget lovers, sports enthusiasts and vegans. The durable, carbon fibre material TROVE Swift offers all of the same features and functionality of the original TROVE Wallets, and features a quick access pull-tab to improve access to your most regularly used cards.

Individually handcrafted in England in our own factory
Made from a patented Carbon Fibre material produced in the USA
High quality Italian Elastic
Comfortably holds 10 cards
3 separate pockets to organise your cards, cash, photos etc
Reversible allowing for expanded storage options
Vegan friendly
Also available as a Build Your Own

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