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Deadline:01 Jan, 2020
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Technology 02 Dec, 2019
GrabLucky is a Telegram bot that uses the concept of Hong Bao (Red Packets) based on Chinese tradition.

With GrabLucky, you can now send and receive digital currencies such as Bitcoin to family and friends as gifts.

To use, Download 'Telegram on your mobile phone and follow the steps below:

i) Go to @GrabLuckyBot
Start GrabLucky bot in Telegram

ii) Add Crypto Wallet
Login/Register your LinqCash Wallet account

iii) Join @GrabLucky group
Join the official GrabLucky group in Telegram to Grab Free Bitcoin HongBao

iv) Want More HongBao?
Search for more ongoing HongBao from the GrabLuckyBot

a) Download Telegram on your Mobile
b) Search for @GrabLucky on Telegram and join the group chat
c) Start @GrabLuckyBot
d) Document/Video the experience of grabbing real bitcoins
e) Send the video to your social media
f) Add description:
OMG, I just grabbed some Bitcoin from
Check it out guys

Let me know how many posts you can offer for USD25. More posts the better. Will require 10-20 micro-influencers.