XGAINE Products Promotion

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XGAINE Products Promotion

Deadline:17 Dec, 2019
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Fashion 01 Dec, 2019
Xgaine is now an international brand, marketing Slimming Girdle and underwear for women.
We have carried out several campaigns with influencers in France and the USA.
We also greatly appreciate our neighbours in Germany and now we would like to collaborate more and more with them.

We are looking for profiles that have between 400k and 1M subscribers.
With a high engagement rate.

What we generally expect from our partnerships with influencers:

- Present our products in the form of Instagram or Snapchat 24-hour strorie.

- Present our current promotional offers, if there are any.

We send our products to each influencer in advance so that they can ensure the quality of our products and present to their audience.

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