Testament Collection

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United Arab Emirates

Testament Collection

Deadline:30 Nov, 2019
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Hair & Beauty 06 Nov, 2019
The Brand Story

Our vision embraces a world in which long-lasting perfumes inspire and reminisce simultaneously. They can bring back lost memories as easily as they can lay the ground for fresh experiences.

Aiming to make everyone consciously aware of all dimensions of smell, we have become obsessed with the idea of creating the perfect unisex fragrances. We offer our craftsmen total creative freedom and constantly encourage them to improve existing techniques or reimagine mixology rules. We always follow unwavering ethics, therefore all our creations are handcrafted from the finest sustainable, eco-friendly and ethically sourced ingredients.

Missing a long-forgotten era of creative disruption and artistic originality, Sweet Arabian becomes a manifesto for your own self-expression – a unique collection of fragrances resembling a flawless waterfall of scents, ready to surprise you with power and sensuality.

Collection Story

Welcome to the arcane world of niche perfumery, where dream and reality dance together on mysterious rhythms. Let your senses float adrift carelessly and prepare to enter the magical realm of Sweet Arabian intricate perfumes.

Timeless craftsmanship blends with modern technique turning the Sweet Arabian` s Testament collection into an open invitation to reimagine the world based on new, sensorial terms. It`s a beautiful assembly of uncommon scents that feel violently natural – a sensual contradiction that keeps you going along, craving for more.

Born from a western – oriental clash of ideas and cultures, Sweet Arabian`s Testament collection grasps the essence of all things natural. Starting from the very ingredients, Sweet Arabian is hand-crafted by niche perfumery experts who collect eco-sustainable, cruelty-free and ethically sourced natural scents and combine them in magical ways to create sense shifting elixirs.

Balancing on the edge of addictiveness, it feels harmonious and compatible with all kinds of personality: from tempers fit for poker players on high-rollers to dreamy characters that roam graciously and slide freely from one stance to the other. Sweet Arabian`s Testament collection feels honest and natural, an essential opening in our quest to create perfect unisex fragrances.