BHB Exoegnous Ketones

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BHB Exoegnous Ketones

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Health & Fitness 14 Oct, 2019
Keto-Pro BHB Exogenous Ketones

***MORE BHB per gram than other MARKET LEADERS***

No flashy expensive packaging, just high quality content!
We’ve kept our advertising, packaging and labelling costs to a minimal so we can offer our customers the lowest price Exogenous Ketones on the internet. We believe in affordable quality, we don’t believe you should have to spend the earth just to live a healthy lifestyle, so we’ve done everything we possibly can to keep the cost down so we can pass on to you.

Our own BHB Exogenous Ketones boast more BHB (Beta-Hydroxybutyrate) per gram than most market leaders.
Smaller serving size due to stronger formula
More servings per tub than other market leaders
Our formula has a faster absorption rate than other market leaders, with change in Ketones levels noticeable with urine strips within 20mins.
Our Ketones offer all the benefits the other market leaders offer and so much more at a much lower price!
21 – 63 Servings per tub

Benefits of BHB

Can help Boost Fat Loss
Increases Workout Performance and Endurance
Supplies 100% Pure Clean, Instant Ketone Energy
BHB is the Preferred Energy by both Body & Mind
Replenishes Electrolytes Pre-workout, Intra-workout and Post-workout
Enhances Gene Expression
Supercharges Cognitive Function
Kills Inflammation
Fights Oxidative Stress
Increases Lifespan
Helps Fight and Prevent Cancer
Boosts Insulin Sensitivity
Optimises Heart Function
Prevents Bone Deterioration

To get into ketosis faster.
After heavier carb days to get back into ketosis.
For an added boost in the morning.
To fuel your workout.
Before a big meeting to stay sharp and focused.