AVANZA Avocado PR Kit Campaign 2018/19

AVANZA Avocado PR Kit Campaign 2018/19

Health & Fitness @Team.StarNgage 14 Nov, 2018
Embark on the AVANZA journey with us!

For this campaign, you will receive an AVANZA Avocado PR kit and $100. In the kit, you will find our premium New Zealand avocados as well as a little surprise. For this campaign, you are required to create a creative recipe with the avocados. We are excited to share our avocados with you and see the recipes you create with them!

AVANZA’s great-tasting, premium quality avocados are sourced from two main growing regions in New Zealand - Northland and the Bay of Plenty. Our avocado growers love producing high quality, healthy food for the world to enjoy.

Horticulture is part of New Zealand’s clean, green reputation and future. With clean rivers, crisp air quality and pristine countryside, New Zealand avocados are superior in taste, nutrition and quality. The key to strengthening our well-earned reputation of delivering high quality and premium products to the overseas markets are our growers, who are at the heart of what we do. They live and breathe the avocado lifestyle by taking exceptional pride and care in their orchards to harvest only the finest fruit. The continual growth of the New Zealand avocado industry attests to their hard work, and their up-to-date and technical knowledge.

Our commitment to a clean and green industry ensures all our growers are AvoGreen compliant, meaning pesticides are used sparingly, a requirement in order for their crop to be exported. And we think we have all the ingredients to further strengthen our premium position in the global marketplace.

For more information: https://avanzaavocado.com.


- 1 IG post and 2 IG stories showcasing the PR kit and your creative recipe.
- 1 IG post and 1 IG story should be dedicated to your creative recipe. The other IG story should feature the PR kit.
- Please note that the posts have to be in English.

In the deliverables, influencers have to:
- Tag @AvanzaAvocado @StarNgage
- Include the following hashtags: #AvanzaAvocado #AvanzaAvocadoSG #AvanzaxStarNgage #sp

After posting, please send us the URL to your IG post and the screenshots of the stories for verification purposes. Influencers are expected not to delete any of the posts within the next 3 month of the campaign period. Thank you.