FitPro ProLine Water Rowing Maschines

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FitPro ProLine Water Rowing Maschines

Deadline:31 Jul, 2021
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Health & Fitness 13 Apr, 2021
About FitPro ProLine:
The ProLine LimitedEdition was created because we wanted to develop the highest quality water rowing machine. We had a rowing machine produced with the best components. Our LimitedEdition meets the highest demands. Only the best materials and solid technology were used. It was important to us to eliminate all weak points in water rowing machines. There is a patented 5-way adjustable tank, so the resistance can be selected for every age group and training intensity. Since different levels can be set here, everyone can train according to their fitness level.

Yes, the ProLine LimitedEdition is the water rowing machine for the whole family.

But that's not all, we have also optimised the inner life of the rowing machine: 8 stainless steel blades (instead of the usual 2-4 made of plastic) plough through the water and offer even better training comfort, and stronger resistance.

- 22 - 45 years old
- Min. 3000 followers on IG, fb
- Public account
- Target country: Germany, Austria, Switzerland
- Language: German
- Your target group should be very fitness affine
- Your target group should have a good income
- Comfortable speaking on camera and able to produce live stream content


Raise awareness of FitPro ProLine as a brand. Generate content and increase sales of the water rower. Selected influencers will be provided with a rowing machine to test. Additionally, a sales commission can be discussed.
Further products will be added to the product range in the near future.

If you are interested in making us and our brand known, I look forward to your registration.

Shortlisted influencers must submit a VIDEO that includes:
~ A self-introduction
~ Content that shows your typical engagement with your audience.
~ A duration of at least 1 minute

I will discuss further details with each influencer once selected.

I look forward to working with you!