Kachinggg - Cash Giveaway

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Kachinggg - Cash Giveaway

Deadline:11 Feb, 2018
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Game 05 Feb, 2018
Tamago's first live reality game show where users are able to win real cash prizes! All they have to do is answer all questions correctly to be eligible for the prize pool for each day.

Prize pool of RM1,000,0000

All users can participate in the LIVE gameshow everyday at 9pm (GMT +8)

The contest consists of 12 multiple-choice questions

Tamago’s top talent will be hosting the game by reading out question by question LIVE via the app.

There will be a multiple choice answers on screen. To answer, participants are required to tap on their selected answer button.

Winners are defined as users who correctly answered all 12 questions.

Prize pool will then be equally split by total number of users.