Seköni Original- Dress Watch Brand Ambassador Campaign for Kickstarter

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Seköni Original- Dress Watch Brand Ambassador Campaign for Kickstarter

Deadline:31 Aug, 2019
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Fashion 15 Jun, 2019
We are looking for brand ambassadors to work with as we ramp up towards our launch this July, where pre-orders will begin on Kickstarter. A long-term working relationship through Starngage is what we are looking for. Send us your proposals and we can work something out. Upon confirmation, we will send you a watch for you to generate content for it, after which, we will arrange for a pickup. Alternatively, we can arrange for a meet up at our office (located at Tanjong Pagar) for you to generate content here.

Read on to find out more about us, or visit the link attached.

Seköni Original was born from an identified gap in the watch industry - the lack of a product that sat perfectly in the overlap between design, quality and price. Whilst existing watches possessed at least one or more of those three key qualities, it is evident that the rest of the qualities would pale in comparison. We knew in starting Seköni Original that we would not settle until achieving that very overlap.

Watches. The trusty companion that helps us tell time and elevate our outfits. More vitally, we would argue that a watch serves a third role - forming an emotional connection with each individual, inspiring us to take action and make the most of this finite countdown we call life.

Seköni Original’s first design, named “Tidal Moonphase” was inspired by Horology - the art of timekeeping. One of the key elements include the Moonphase, which acts as a visual representation of the passage of time. It is easy to get lost in the daily routine of our fast-paced lives, as days slip by and we look back in hindsight - pondering over the lost time.

With Seköni Original, we’re here to inspire. To inspire people to invest their time, and not mindlessly waste it. To inspire the conscious act of making the most out of every tick. And, to inspire the renewed appreciation of time - that every new day is a chance to reinvent.