Aknederm Set Review 100k

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Aknederm Set Review 100k

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Hair & Beauty 15 Jun, 2021
Founded in Germany in 1929, Aknederm was invented as a pharmaceutical product to help dermatologists in the treatment of acne blemished skin. These days, Aknederm is widely available and not pharma exclusive anymore. Still the brand of choice for pharmacists and dermatologists, Aknederm is Germany's no 1 skincare brand to clear skin of impurities and keep it clear. Made in Germany with ingredients from Europe, Aknederm is of superior quality and has helped millions of people over the years to be free of pimples, blackheads and reddened skin. Aknederm control excess oils and helps to tighten pores.

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- Parent of teenager / Teenager / troubled with skin impurities
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