Youdao Dicitionary Pen 2 Promotion

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Youdao Dicitionary Pen 2 Promotion

Deadline:28 May, 2021
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Kids & Parenting 08 Apr, 2021
ABOUT Youdao Dictionary Pen 2:
-Quick scan and accurate recognition of various fonts
-High translation accuracy up to 98%
-More than 2.3 million entries
-Real-person vocab pronunciation with speed adjustment

- Mommy bloggers or influencers in Canada
- Raising bilingual kids (English+Chinese)
- 10k+ followers with a high engagement rate

Apply to review our products worth $159.99. Your followers will also enjoy a 10% discount when they use your promo code.

- 2 x Instagram stories to present using Youdao Dictionary Pen for language learning and mention @smartyoudao in the story.
- 1 x in-depth product review on Instagram within 2 weeks after receiving the product. Descriptions shall mention @smartyoudao, our product name (Youdao Dictionary Pen 2/Pen 2 Pro), features of the product, and our online sales channel.