SAFRA #SwimforHope Charity Campaign

Influencer Marketing Case Studies: SAFRA #SwimForHope Campaign


SAFRA Swim for Hope is an annual charity event that allows members of the public to swim for a good cause. Every lap a participant swims during the event will raise $1 to help needy families and children. To generate awareness and participation in the event, SAFRA collaborated with StarNgage to engage everyday influencers to give a shout-out for the event. The campaign consists of a teaser post featuring a pool-side visual by the influencer and a repost of the official registration announcement post by SAFRA.



  • Primary Objective – To generate awareness & participation in SAFRA Swim For Hope event.


  • Engaged young local micro-influencers to give a shout-out to the event on Instagram.


  • SAFRA Reward Vouchers


  • Exposure to over 180,000 followers of influencers
  • Over 36 campaigns related posts
  • Likes received: 9500+ Likes
  • Comments received: 200+ Comments


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