PrimaDeli Christmas Promotion Review

PrimaDeli Christmas Promotion

Influencer Marketing Case Study: PrimaDeli Singapore #PrimaDelixStarNgage

Christmas is not complete without a christmas cake! PrimaDeli Singapore worked with StarNgage to invite 10 StarNgage Foodies to join their upcoming Christmas promotions.



  • Primary Objective – To generate awareness of PrimaDeli’s Christmas Cakes & Pastries
  • Secondary Objective(s) – To establish PrimaDeli Singapore as the preferred cake specialist


  • Engaged 10 Influencers to feature the promotion.
  • Influencers given freedom of creativity to feature their photos.



  • Exposure to over 100,000 followers of influencers
  • Over 14 Instagram Posts
  • Over 8,004 likes on Instagram
  • Over 217 comments on Instagram


Campaign Report





Christmas came early for me 💕😜 . [ 9 December 2016 ] [ Prima Deli ] [ ] [ Media Delivery ] . [NEW] Santa Cottage- $50++ . ☕️🍪🍫☕️🍪🍫☕️🍪🍫☕️🍪🍫☕️🍪🍫 What's Christmas without a Christmas Cake?!? Celebrate your Christmas with Prima Deli's seasonal edition cakes!! And get a 25% off early bird discount for pre-order of Christmas cakes (except regular sized Christmas cakes)! For my info, click the link in my bio. Thanks @starngage & @primadelisg for sending me this pretty and delicious cake. 🍫🍪☕️🍫🍪☕️🍫🍪☕️🍫🍪☕️🍫🍪☕️ . 🙆😆🙆😆🙆😆🙆😆🙆😆🙆😆🙆😆🙆😆 Check out my new blog post on ' Takujo Japanese , Emporium Shokuhin ' by clicking the link in my bio or click it below: [ ] 😆🙆😆🙆😆🙆😆🙆😆🙆😆🙆😆🙆😆🙆 . 👻📱👻📱👻📱👻📱👻📱👻📱👻📱👻📱 For more updates, follow me on: Snapchat: [ @nicholaslgl ] 👻📱👻📱👻📱👻📱👻📱👻📱👻📱👻📱 . #NICHOLASLGL #NICHOLASLGLeats #NICHOLASLGLadverts #CanonSingapore #StarNgage #Primadelisg #PrimaDelixStarngage #PrimadeliCake #ChristmasCake

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